Why this book? Because no Nobel Prize Laureate can escape the pressure to write down something for the laywomen and the laymen. People want to get inspired. People want to know what was all that about; how I got to that fateful insight; what was the human endeavor behind the Science.

This is not an autobiography. It is not an essay either. It does not contain any deep pondering about how the so called “Hidden Valleys” concept changed not only fundamental Physics but also Philosophy and the general world view.
It tells a story, as honest of a story as I can write, on how the “Heavy Stable Charged Particles” were experimentally discovered, some decades after their theoretical formulation. How the early skepticism (a very healthy skepticism) was won through the hard work and dedication of a handful of people who never lost the courage of saying what they believed right, in spite of common wisdom.

This book is dedicated to my mentor, Prof. Sergio Bestiale (humorously nicknamed ‘U Prufissuri by many), tragically disappeared just before our intuitions were vindicated. He certainly made mistakes, and by no means I intend to condone them here. But his contribution to the advancement of human knowledge vastly outweighs any of his possible wrongdoings.

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